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Home of Best Cleaning System on Earth!!!



Welcome to Xtreme Air Systems.  Our team is proud to be serving the Albuquerque Area for over 25 years! 

We are dedicated to providing our customers with service that exceeds their expectations to create the best relationship they’ve had with a company.


Pink Building
Red Mountain

What does the Rainbow Cleaning System do?


How It Works

Aerodynamics: Air in Motion

Moving air lifts dust, dirt and debris into the water basin!

Hydrodynamics: Water in Motion

Dirt & dust are trapped within the swirling water and fresh water-washed air is blown out!

Combined, they give you a cleaner and healthier home!


Committed to Quality

We will gladly service your Rainbow Cleaning System in House.  No need for an appointment, just stop by and we’ll get you back to cleaning in no time!



120 98th St. NW

Suite A-6

Albuquerque, NM 87121

505-539-5719 (Main)

505-506-6805 (Call/Text) 

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